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Oophaga are often found in humid lowlands and premontane forests. They can be found in trees and on vines as well as in the leaf litter. They inhabit the rainforests of the Caribbean coast of Central America, from Nicaragua to Panama. Bromeliads are often used to deposit tadpoles and females will feed them with unfertilized eggs. Frogs are no larger than .87 in (22mm) and are shy frogs with a loud charming call.

Looking for female.

Oophaga Pumilio "Cristobal"

Breeders from - Rick Taylor

Not breeding yet.

Oophaga Pumilio "Strawberry Blue Jeans"

Breeders are wild caught.

Not breeding yet.

Oophaga Pumilio "Rambala"

Breeders from - Steve Piesker

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