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Fursuit Quote Page

Heads: All come with a moving jaw, neck pocket, resin jaw set, silicone tongue, resin nose with nostrils drilled out, following acrylic or glass eyes, vision ducts next to eyes, elastic straps, and a hidden zipper in the neck.

Hands: By default have silicone paw pads and resin claws unless otherwise specified or requested otherwise. Lined at the fur edge to keep from stretching.

Feetpaws: Feet are built off of shoes and are outdoor soles only- I do not offer indoor feetpaws. Lined at the fur edge to keep from stretching.

Tails: Come with elastic loops to wear with a belt.

Body: Fully machine sewn with hidden zipper in the front of the chest. If digitigrade padding is made from fabric "pillows" that can be unstuffed and machine washed.
A Duct Tape Dummy will be required if you are getting a bodysuit.

General Prices

Fullsuit - $4,000+

Partial - $3,000+

Head Only - $1,600+

Last updated 6/16/19

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