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Ranitomeya are small frogs often called "Thumbnails". These frogs inhabit montane wet forest and lowland tropical moist forest. They are usually closely associated with bromeliads. They are found in Panama and South America to Peru and Brazil, possibly into Bolivia. Adults measure no more than .83 inches (21 mm). They have a charming call.

Laying eggs consistently.

Ranitomeya Fantastica "Reticulated"

Breeders from - TincmanHerps

Laying occasionally.

Ranitomeya Fantastica "True Nominal"

Breeders from - Ruffing's Ranitomeya

Not breeding yet.

Ranitomeya Vanzolinii

Breeders from - Rick Taylor

Laying infrequently.

Ranitomeya Flavovittata "Quebrada Tamshiyaku"

Breeders from - Ruffing's Ranitomeya

Just started laying eggs.

Ranitomeya Imitator "Tarapoto"