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Dendrobates Auratus are found in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Southeastern Brazil, Bolivia, and South/North America. The frogs are often found on the floor of rainforests near small streams or pools which the tadpoles live in. One locale were introduced in Hawaii by humans as well and have flourished there. Most frogs are typically 1.5inch. Each locale varies, it is best to look into each individually. Shy frogs with a low humming call.

Laying eggs consistently.

Dendrobates Auratus "Pena Blanca"

Breeders from - Joan Silva

Laying eggs consistently.

Dendrobates Auratus "Capurgana" (Colombian Yellow)

Breeders from - Rick Taylor

Not breeding yet.

Dendrobates Auratus "Panamanian Blue and Black"

Breeders from - Ryan Lundy

Growing out juveniles.

Dendrobates Auratus "Green and white"